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Busy schedules make it difficult to find time to maintain a proper home. The best way to ensure that your home is always clean and tidy is by hiring our team at StarClean. Whether you need weekly, biweekly, monthly or occasional cleaning services, our professionals will make you feel comfortable and proud of your space.

This service is ideal for:

· Primary residences

· Holiday homes

· Vacation Rentals

· Airbnb

· Properties to rent

· Apartments

· Condominiums

Our cleaning services include:

· Vacuum cleaner: we vacuum all the floors of each room. This includes stairs, carpeted rooms, and tile floors. We’ll remove cushions from furniture and vacuum up crumbs, pet hair, and dust.

· Dust: we dust every surface of your home to reduce allergens. This includes mantles, picture frames, lamps, fan blades, windowsills, blinds, cabinets, entertainment centers, sideboards, side tables, and more. We will remove cobwebs at the corners of the roof and ensure that there are no traces of dust left.

Mop: we mop everywhere

Disinfect: We disinfect high-use areas, such as toilets, kitchen countertops, and door knobs.

Clean – We clean and clean bathroom faucets, sinks, mirrors, vanities, counter tops, and surrounding areas. We clean soap scum and mold from tile, grout, and glass shower doors. In the kitchen, we clean the control knobs, cabinets, counter tops, and back splashes. We clean up grease and food splashes in your microwave and clean the exterior of all appliances.

Finishing touches: We empty all trash cans, lint pillows, and straighten chairs and rugs.

Additional house cleaning services

There are a number of cleaning services that can be added to your regular cleaning plan, including oven cleaning, refrigerator cleaning, and bedding change. We recommend contacting us to ensure that the service is offered. If so, let us know if you want it added to your next cleaning. With a history of clean homes and satisfied customers, StarClean is your best choice for cleaning services designed to fit your budget and schedule.

Each of our professional home cleaners undergo extensive training to ensure that the services you receive are not only in the StarClean way, but also in their own way.


Do you need deeper / general cleaning in your home or before moving in or out of your home? We’ll make it happen, your deep / general cleaning includes top-down baths, all dust, mopping and vacuuming throughout the house. In the kitchen we will clean the exterior of your appliances, counter tops and we will clean your cabinets, the interior or your refrigerator or oven, or we will even need to clean the baseboards and the blinds. You can always add additional items to your cleaning.

Our typical deep / general cleaning specification includes:

– Deep cleaning in the kitchen from top to bottom

– Walls, highs and lows

– Illumination artifacts

– Outdoor appliances

– Gas / electric kitchen appliance

– Sanitized countertop and splash guard

– Sinks scrubbed and disinfected

– Out of cabinets

– Swept and mopped floors

– Baseboards and door frames

Bathroom sanitation:

– Walls, highs and lows

– Lighting accessories

– Polished mirrors

– Sink scrubbed and disinfected

– Clean and disinfected countertops

– Shower and bathtub washed and disinfected

– Disinfected toilet, inside and out

– Front cleaned cabinet

– Sweeped and scrubbed floors

– Remove garbage and recycling

– Remove garbage and recycling


– Walls, highs and lows

– Lighting accessories

– Window sills

– Dust blinds

– Dust off all surfaces, move items where possible

– Beds made, fluffy pillows

– Clean under furniture (where possible)

– Vacuum, sweep and mop floors

Other areas:

– Walls, highs and lows

– Lighting accessories

– Window sills

– Dust blinds

– Dust all surfaces, move objects where possible

– Sprinkled picture frames

– Vacuum upholstered furniture

– Straightened and fluffy pillows

– Vacuumed and clean floors

– Clean under furniture (where possible)

– Skirting boards

– Remove garbage and recycling

– Dust everything (moving elements where possible)

– Vacuum / sweep mop floors – Window sills

– Clean under furniture where possible

– High and low walls

– Spider webs

– Dust blinds if applicable

– Fluffed pillows and all replaced items (remote controls, etc.)

– Sheets changed and beds made

– Trash removed

– Remove trash and recycling


Selling your home and moving to a new one is a big problem. Let us handle your cleaning needs and relieve some of the stress associated with moving. We work with many property management companies to ensure that their homes are ready for exhibitions for new tenants or buyers. Let the cleaning professionals at StarClean take care of your moving cleanup so you can focus your energy on the most exciting aspects of the move. Our flexible cleaning options allow you to tell us exactly what you really need to do.

The services on our moving cleaning list include the following:

– Vacuum and sweep all floors

– Clean the baseboards

– Clean shower and bathtub

– Scrub toilets

– Clean sinks and counter tops

– Clean kitchen appliances

– Dust

The best time to clean your new home is before your belongings have moved, allowing for the deepest cleaning and ensuring that every inch of the home receives the attention it deserves. Feel free to contact us so we can discuss the details of your move-in cleaning. Our staff can also create a custom cleaning schedule to keep your new home or apartment tidy, long after it has settled into your new home.


StarClean offers flexible move-in and move-out cleaning services to ease the transition to your new space. Whether you need to clean the entire house or just certain items on your checklist, our professional home cleaners are ready to help you.

The services on our moving cleaning list include the following:

– Vacuum and sweep all floors

– Clean the baseboards

– Clean shower and bathtub

– Scrub toilets

– Clean sinks and counter tops

– Clean kitchen appliances

– Dust

Feel free to contact us so we can discuss the details of your move-in cleaning. Contact us for details on our moving cleaning services and costs.


At StarClean, we recognize how busy life can be. That’s why we design cleaning service packages based on your specific preferences. Without the need to establish a permanent cleaning plan, we can adapt to your schedule in case you decide to increase or decrease the frequency of our services. While we can customize your cleaning plan to meet your needs, most clients schedule regular cleaning services:

– Once a week: This is a popular solution for busy homes.

– Every two weeks: This service works best for help with general maintenance.

– Once a month: We will give your home a thorough cleaning just when you need it.

Most of our clients prefer routine visits from our professional cleaners. Depending on how much activity your home seems, our weekly and biweekly services may be the best solution for you. They will give you more free time on your busy schedule while reducing the negative effects that bacteria, allergens and other unhealthy substances have on your family. From cleaning your kitchen and bathrooms to changing your bedding, we do everything we can to ensure that our guests feel as comfortable as possible in their newly cleaned homes.

If you only need occasional services or want to see what makes us the best home cleaning company in the industry, you can trust that we will always provide you with the most complete, honest and personalized cleaning services possible. If our cleaning services meet and exceed your expectations, our friendly office staff will be happy to schedule regular cleaning services tailored to your preferences and budget.


Coming home is a wonderful feeling, especially if your residence is clean and tidy when you arrive. StarClean offers the most reliable home and apartment cleaning services.

What is our secret? Well it’s really no secret:

– We are flexible

– We are insured

– We work with the preferences of our clients

– We offer a satisfaction guarantee

Whether you need our services weekly or monthly, you can expect our industry leading services and flexible scheduling with no hassle.

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